Brian Eslick, Founder & CEO

Brian Eslick is a professional automotive technician who has been diagnosing and repairing vehicles in San Diego County for more than 25 years. Graduating from the California Institute of Automotive Technology, Brian studied engine repair and advance emissions testing. He also completed the Bureau of Automotive Repair’s clean air certification course, obtaining a California state smog license, and seven other ASE certifications. As founder and CEO of How to Automotive, Brian is dedicated to sharing his vast array of knowledge and experience to help make your automotive journey a much smoother, faster, and enjoyable ride.

What is Brian up to?

Brian recently attended the 2018 SEMA show in Las Vegas. The SEMA show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event of the world. Brian was able to go behind the scenes after hours and view the displays and talk with some of the suppliers and gain insight into what’s new in the industry. Brian is busy applying this knowledge and making new videos, as well as working on creating new programs.


Praise for Brian Eslick
Founder & CEO of How to Automotive

“Brian Eslick is an invaluable asset to the automotive repair industry. For more than a decade, he's been my mentor and teacher. Brian's very dedicated to his customers, with no job too big or small, and he is always willing to go above and beyond
to solve any problem that arises.”
-Chris Irick, Owner of Coastal Foreign Auto Service

“I travel all over the United States and depend on my car to be in tip top shape to make these cross country road trips. I've been
a customer of Brian's for over 15 years, and I trust him implicitly
to repair and keep my vehicles in the best shape.If you are looking for an expert, Brain is your guy.”
-Roger Hearsh, Loyal Customer

Associates & Staff

How to Automotive is growing. Stay tuned for future staff, affiliates, and business partners!


Milwaukee Tools

Milwaukee Tools is a leading power tool company. They manufacture and sell power tools perfect for the automotive industry. Their tools are known for their strength, durability, and diversity. All of their tools are top-notch with competitive prices and known for their excellent warranties that come with an easy replacement process. Milwaukee Tools is constantly developing new tools and improving their existing ones to meet the newest demands for automotive technicians. How to Automotive trusts and relies on their tools to make our job more efficient and faster, while still keeping the most control. We are proud to work with Milwaukee Tools and recommends them to you. For more information, check their website: Milwaukee Tools


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